Logan Medland is involved as a creative on a number of projects in the development stage, working alternately as a bookwriter, composer, or original Music Director. 

The Bardy Bunch was the hit of the 2011 Fringe Festival in NY. It started as a writing exercise: what would happen if you mixed up Shakepeare's most famous plots with the more infamous plots of American sitcom? What would happen if the Bradys and the Partridges were the Montagues and the Capulets, Danny was a brooding Hamlet and Keith Partridge and Marsha Brady the star-crossed lovers?  From it's humble beginnings at the Fringe it went on to an Off-Broadway run at the St. Clemens Theatre in NY. Book by Steve Garvey, Directed by Jay Stern, Arrangements and Musical Direction by Logan Medland. It ran a monthly cabaret version at 54 below in May 2015, then two shows in November. It just finished a critically acclaimed two month run at Chicago's Mercury Theater.  It is now available under license from Broadway Licensing.

Murder, mayhem and singing and dancing, as the Partridges and the Bradys fight it out in a blood feud in "The Bardy Bunch" Steve Garvey's Shakespearean/sitcom mashup. (Off Broadway 2014) 

The Partridges rock it out.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Anita Gates: Irresistible...as much fun as a home visit from Davy Jones and a ride in a psychedelic bus combined."

THE DAILY NEWS: Who says classics can’t be fun? 

THEATERMANIA : Hie thee to The Bardy Bunch, now playing on the gore-encrusted stage of the Theatre at St. Clement's…jaunty music, lively dance, and endless carnage in a Shakespeare-themed extravaganza…you'll get a kick out of the camp and over-the-top ridiculousness of this nutty, Bardy piece of work. 

MANHATTAN DIGEST: Brilliantand hysterical...executed with tongue in cheek perfection from a fun and talented cast.

NEW YORK THEATER REVIEWS: ... the travails of the star-crossed characters are both gruesomely comic, and, at times, oddly touching.

"Love Goddess - The Rita Hayworth Musical".

The story of American icon Rita Hayworth. Told in flashback through Rita’s increasingly erratic memory, this musical tells the story of Margarita Delores Cansino as she climbs the rickety ladder to fame. Starting with her early beginnings as a half-hispanic dancer under the domineering tutelage of her father, the play/musical tracks Rita’s transformation into the devastating bombshell “Gilda” and her struggle against powerful men in the industry.

LIVE THEATER UK, LONDON: “…it gathers to an intensity and variety of performance and narrative that is genuinely engrossing, and which does a real service in reviving memories of an important star while also posing questions about the manipulation and exploitation of women in Hollywood that are sadly still all too pertinent. Broadway success surely beckons…”


"Chez Morgan" is the story of Vaudeville star Helen Morgan. A close associate of Tex Guinan, Oscar Hammerstein and Zeigfled, Helen Morgan was the darling of her day, but she loved the bright lights and good times a little too much: starring on Broadway, while simultaneously running one of the most famous speakeasies in New York. This piece celebrates this glittering time, while drawing an intimate portrait of this dazzling yet self-destructive talent in her life long search for love. Book and Lyrics by Joe Matheson, Score by Logan Medland.

"4 Days in May"  This piece tells the story of five young college kids living out their normal lives: dating, getting high as the events leading up to the protests and shooting of students at Kent State University. Built around a soundtrack of protest rock songs from the sixties by artists such as: The Guess Who, CSNY, Grand Funk, Joni Mitchell, Edwin Starr, CCR, this is passionate and political piece about a troubled time in America. "4 Days in May" had it's first public read through in the summer of 2014. Currently in negotiations for further development. Book by Richard Wentz, Directed by Melissa Rain Anderson, Music Direction and Arrangements by Logan Medland.

"Straighter Than Narrow: The Fast Life and Times of Harry Nilsson" Book by Logan Medland and Richard Wentz, Musical Supervision and Arrangements by Logan Medland. This biographical musicals follows the life of maverick songwriter Harry Nilsson. From the moment he was anointed by the Beatles as "their favorite group" Harry Nilsson's career was on the rise. But equally powerful personal demons threatened to drag him under. Starting with his hard-scrabble beginnings in a one-room flat in Brooklyn, this story traces his rise from obscurity to fame, and the legendary partying that went with it. Harry's unique music, his personal revelations and the deeply emotional singing from what many critics called the best  voice in the business at that time bring to life both the tragedy and the exhilaration of one of America's greatest and most under appreciated songwriters.